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Thanks all for the advice.

She's connecting to the VPN simply though a new network connection set up in XP. This was basically configured as a new dial up connection if I remember correctly. Once connected she uses a terminal emulation called AnzioWin from Terminal Emulation, Secure Shell, Telnet and Printing Solutions from Anzio.Com. There's no Mac equivalent from what I can see.
If it's a fairly simple VPN connection OSX has built in VPN connectors as well. She will have to go through the settings and see what works.

Also worth noting: telnet, ssh and other network commands are built right in to OSX (and all UNIX systems) so there may be no need for 3rd party software. If your wife is using stuff like telnet and ssh, my guess is she should be computer savvy enough to set it all up.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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