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Mac Appreciation

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I finally have my new 15" PowerBook running properly and I have to say I made the right choice to switch from windows to Mac. Everyday, I'm amazed at how easy this platform is to operate, a sure sign of sophistication. It seems that I rarely have to configure anything, everything is so easy. The detailing within the OS and even the hardware is exceptional, it’s the little things: the way menus fade in and out (e.g. F3 sound control), the stereo sound effects, the OS resolution, the highly-designed power-supply (instead of the ugly black transformer), the backlit keyboard, the LEDs on the battery…etc…etc. On the scale of things, these small, individual details are not too important, but collectively, they add to the user’s experience. Having been a content PC user for 15 years, I’m finding this transition to be both enlightening and blissful, with a pleasant surprise around every corner. If only we could get more people like me to try Macs. Having just compared my PowerBook to my girlfriend’s Sony Viao using XP, there’s no comparison: both the hardware and OS look crude next to a gleaming PowerBook running OSX. Why the PC industry hasn’t pumped more cash into hardware/OS design is mindblowing! So, hats off to Apple!
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... a wonderful testimonial! Thanks for posting it.

It's nice to hear from a new Mac user who is obviously giving the platform/hardware a fair trial.

Here's hoping you have many years of bliss with Macs in your future.
Makes and old dyed-in-the-wool Mac guy kinda proud!

Good to hear another satisfied conversion.
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