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Indeed, the .mac trial is harmless, in that it doesn't install anything on the computer. You just put in your credentials and info and voila, you have a 60-day trial for dotmac.

You don't need credit card information for the free trial. Only if you actually subscribe.

I still feel it's a bit pricey, but so far the extras have made it worth it.

I have received the offer of free prints (through iPhoto use and dotmac) free games (Freeverse 7-in-one) and a couple of others like Alchemy and Super Nisqualy, DropStuff, Virex Software (for the day a virus is actually made that would affect OS X I guess) and a host of nifty perks. All of which have more than made up for the hefty price.

Many of these perks were not advertised, in the sense that they came along at different times during the year.

As well, you can get special deals on software and participate in neat little contests (okay, some of the contests, some were restricted to the US, dammit)

All in all, the $100 is a steep price, but looking at the extras, it's rather well worth it. Just in shareware games alone I think it paid for itself.

Another nice touch is the inexpensive way you can tack on email addresses. Up to 10 more. Each address is about $10 US a year, which comes out to about a loonie a month.

So, after my long-winded response... Is dotmac right for you? Take the trial for a spin and see. It won't cost you anything.

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