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loose ibook hinge?

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Hi all,

I have an iBook g4, and something I've noticed recently is my screen is floppy. Not to the point where it can't hold itself up, but when i type on it i.e. the LCD will shake. But the wierd thing is, the hinge doesn't shake? It's the LCD itself. Right above where it says "ibook g4" the casing is seperating from the LCD. I know I'm not alone, I've seen this on google, but no fix. Is this going to get worse or is it fine? I'm pretty new with macs too (March 07'), so any help is appreciated :).

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It may get worse. When the LCD separates from the display bezel, it's an indication that the internal display frame is cracked. I've seen it a million times. It can be fixed, but can be costly to do so.
hmm alright thanks
i'll start saving up for a macbook now :)
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