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Looking for info/ help

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I would like to find someone on here that does website stuff as more of a hobby or are just getting going themselves. At this moment I use .mac as my website and as time goes on I am thinking it's lame. I have the .com name I want but I need someone to help create a website for me. I want to be able to click on thumb nails and blow them up to full size so people can see the bigger detail etc. I don't really know all I need to go about doing it. I am willing to pay as longs as it's not thousands of dollars! Thanks a lot, Mark
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If all you want is a web photo gallery and a stock layout is good enough for you Photoshop creates web photo galeries with ease, might be worth a look into. The link below I did in a matter of minutes. But if you want something original and don't want to take the time to learn html, paying for a site would be your best bet. Especially if it is for a business.
Have you experimented with iWeb? It doesn't get any simpler....
I have used iweb but I don't want full size pictures unless you click on a thumb nail. I used iweb to create the site I have

It was okay but I need something better so I can have more pictures and info. Also would like links that work not ones you have to cut and paste.
If you can't find someone to do the work within your budget, you might look into RapidWeaver - it has some of the featrues you mentioned needing (click on thumbs for full size pix) & has a quick learning curve.
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