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Hi. I'm looking to buy an internal DVD burner for my 733 Mhz quicksilver G4. I've seen some on sale for as low as $80, and dual format burners in the $150 range.

I am not interested in using iDVD at all so I'm not worried about incompatible drives. I use MediaPipe to encode MPEG2 and Sizzle or Missing Mpeg Tools to create and author a DVD image of my own created video content. I am fortunate to have a DVD player that will play mini DVD (about 17 minutes on a CDR). I would like to Make real DVDs to share my video with others as mini DVD is not that well supported by most players. I would also use it to back up large files and music form iTunes.

Are there any recomendations? Brands to stay awy from? Issues (ie. iTunes incompatability)? Or installation problems.

Any help is much appreciated.
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