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Logitech Wireless DJ Music System and a Mac?

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Hi, Does anyone know if the Logitech Wireless DJ Music System can be used with a Mac? It looks like it says it's meant to be used with a PC, but it's been out for a while, so I was wondering if maybe they released new software or something to make it Mac compatible?,en

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Unless someone created drivers for it in Mac OS X, no.
Is this even Mac friendly?
Take my Logitech Z-10 speakers for example, it has nifty featuers like song display, play button, etc. but it's all only Windows compatible. Hence:

Marc Liyanage - Software - Mac OS X Packages - LogitechLCDTool

Some guy created drivers for it so now it mostly works. I've donated money to him and think that financially compensating these driver writers is a good incentive to get them to write more drivers for more products until these manufacturers stick their head out of the sand and see that the Mac community is a growing demographic.
Is this even Mac friendly?
That's exactly what I was asking... Apparently it's not, but I wasn't sure if maybe they've added Mac support by now, or if someone released an OS X driver like the previous poster mentioned.

I looked at the Airport Express, but this Logitech systems seems much more useful because of the remote that lets you navigate your playlists remotely.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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