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Hi there,

I NEED SOME HELP please-- this one is killing me!

I have Mac OX 10.5.8 on a Mac Book that i bought a year ago running Logic Pro 8. I'm Trying to Multi track.
i just got a soundcard from a friend....

It's the M-Audio Omnistudio USB sound card. I hook it up and i opened Logic all i got was really really loud fuzzy noise.

I tryed to download a driver from ... USB-Driver

but its not helping.

I'm pretty new at all this bus i totally wish i understood what the problem could be. .. but really i have no idea.

what do you think?
What should i do to make this unit work?
is there any hope?

Lisa G

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Well first -- how do you know that the USB audio interface (and its cable) are working? Test it on another machine.
Look up the specs for the interface - is it compatible with OSX and Intel Macs (IIRC that's an old model, introduced in 2003 or 2004)
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