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Sold (via another avenue).

Line 6 - Floor POD - Guitar Multi Effects Processor

I'm selling a Line 6 Floor Pod in excellent condition. This an easy and fantastic way to increase your sounds almost infinitely, and to really get more wah in your life. Who doesn't need more wah? But it's wah more than that...

This cool device retails for $179 plus taxes.
Line 6 Floor Pod [30710] : Steve's Music Store, Guitars, Drums, Keyboards, Recording, PA, etc...

Selling for $150. Includes power adapter and box with styrofoam inserts. Not used often, only at some practices and to experiment with. Toronto area.

Rock ‘n’ Roll has never been about taking things in moderation. So why skimp on your guitar tone? Floor POD® offers 12 prescription-strength amp and cab models from the critically acclaimed POD® 2.0 plus amazing sounding, easy-to-use effects right at your feet. Now you can have your signature sound in any situation.

No hassles.

No headaches.

From jamming with headphones at home, plugging in front of any guitar amp or PA or jacking into anything with power and speakers, getting killer guitar sounds for studio or stage has never been easier.

Amp Models

• Modern Hi Gain - based on* Soldano X88R
• Line 6 Insane - Line 6 Original
• Treadplate - based on* Mesa/Boogie® Dual Rectifier® Tremoverb
• Treadplate #2 - based on* Mesa/Boogie® Dual Rectifier® Head
• Line 6 Crunch #2 - Line 6 Original
• Brit Hi Gain - based on* Marshall® JCM800
• Fuzz Box - based on* Arbiter® Fuzz Face through a poweramp
• Brit Classic - based on* Marshall® Plexi
• Boutique #3 - based on* Budda Twinmaster
• Brit Class A - based on* Vox® AC30
• Black Panel #2 - based on* Fender® Blackface Twin Reverb®
• Line 6 Clean - Line 6 Original

Smart Control FX

• Chorus
• Flanger
• Phaser
• Tremolo
• Delay
• Sweep Echo
• Reverb

Other Effects

• Noise Gate
• Compressor
• Distortion Boost
• Wah
• Volume Pedal
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