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Leopard looks like … Vista

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According to a zdnet blog
» Leopard looks like … Vista | All about Microsoft |

4. 64-bitness: Leopard is the first 64-bit only version of a desktop client. Vista comes in 32-bit and 64-bit varieties. And most expect Windows Seven will still be available in 32-bit flavors. Until 32-bit machines go away, it seems like a good idea to offer 32-bit operating systems.

??? Currently the Lepoard requirements for the dev copies require a G4,G5 or Intel Macs.

8. Dashboard with widgets. Isn’t this like the Vista Sidebar with gadgets?

It's obvious this person hasn't used Tiger before... :rolleyes:
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No, she hasn't, and she admits as much in the article. She says she is not much of a Mac user, yet she believes she has authority to talk about it. Don't put much faith in anything this woman says. Her range of knowledge starts and stops with Microsoft and she has no business comparing Vista to OS X when she has admittedly never even used it.

So much for journalism.

That article is (excuse my french) retarded!
How can a major news company like that allow such bs?
I wrote her... n she gave me this link in reply.
“find a new career,” to “see a doctor about your time/space problem you seem to have,” to “you should be running a car wash in Frezno.”

lol Those were probably some of the nicer emails she got. I can just imagine the hate mail she'd get after that 1st article.

I do agree though. A person who used OS X a year ago, like she said, should not be "allowed" to write an article comparing the two.

But if anything, it is Vista that looks like OS X. Vista coming out before Leopard, and most Windows users being ignorant, have never looked at the features that Vista has "copied" from Tiger.
She said in her second article that the first article was nothing more than her biased opinion. You can be biased all you want, but before you spew your opinion across the web for all to read, make sure you're not talking out your ass!! Try doing some of that... whats it called... RESEARCH!!!
I dunno...

Sure the article is stupid and the woman is obviously uninformed. But maybe you all missed the part where the URL is

Blogging is not held to the same standards as journalism. Even if done by professional journalists. (Scooter Libby trial and Apple's "asteroid" product lawsuit notwithstanding).

Blogging never consists of much "research" -- it's all opinion. so it's not an "article", its not a "news story" -- it's one woman's (flawed, imho) opinion.
I read that and was wondering WOW Vista has only been out since January and Apple has completely coded Leopard to be exactly like vista in 4 months WOW Apple rocks! it took 5 years for MS to copy OSX 10.2 :lmao:
5. Core animation: Not sure what the Vista comparison is here. The demo reminded me of Microsoft Max photo-sharing application. The WWDC developers attending the Jobs keynote didn’t seem wowed with this functionality.
This is the first thing that I thought when Steve talked about Core Animation "OMG, they ripped off Microsoft Max"!!!! :eek:

Apple clearly has no shame. :D

Did she not hear what Steve said Core Animation is for?

Actually, I am surprised by this as I use to read Mary Jo Foley's articles back when she was at Microsoft Watch and thought she was more aware of the industry than this column suggests.

Clearly, she is in the pro-Microsoft camp and I prefer Vista's new Aero interface to Aqua, but most of these are silly.

I mean saying that widgets look suspiciously like gadgets??? Maybe if she was talking about Konfabulator, but gadgets???
Well, I think that Apple had most of these things first! M$ should be on the chopping block.
At WWDC Core Animation was all the rage with the consensus I felt (and agree with) of "Ooo! What can we do with it" coupled with "Oh god, when this starts getting abused it's going to suck ass."
One area where Leo looks like Vista is the lame transparent menu bar. I think it looks only slightly less dumb than Vista's ugly aero UI.

And some of these updates should be optional IMO. Coverflow everywhere and the gaudy effects all over the place are pointless.

I just read on TUAW that there is already a mod to turn some of these annoying 'improvements' off.
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