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Leopard Beta at WWC

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Leopard Beta at WWDC

Just saw this at AppleInsider.

Apple dangles Leopard beta

Continuing with its campaign to draw the largest ever crowd at its Worldwide Developers Conference next month, Apple on Tuesday afternoon baited Apple Developer Connection members with a new teaser email.

Apple WWDC Teaser

"See the future. Then take it home with you," the company wrote in the email. "The Leopard beta. Available first at WWDC."

"At the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference, we're planning to show you a feature-complete version of Mac OS X Leopard, and you can take home a beta copy," the message continued. "Be the first to get your hands on the Leopard beta and get a huge head start on development. Register now for WWDC 2007 -- it's your ticket to the future of Mac OS X."

Apple, in the email, also noted that it has extended early registration ($300 discount) till May 11th (Friday).
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With the hint of the time machine image in the background and they say "see the future" I reckon they have incorporated a new use into Time Machine where instead of just scrolling back in time, you can scroll forward and retrieve work you are going to do to save time in the present :)
Yeah, that's sorta the carrot they're dangling in front of everyone -- "Look, we should have had the final version of Leopard ready, but we don't... so we'll give you a feature complete beta! The next best thing, right!??!

Heh. Oh well. I'm excited to see what the "Top secret" features are going to be.
With the hint of the time machine image in the background
Where, where? I don't see the tardus in that picture!

As for Apple showing off a Beta of Leopard at WWDC, that was expected. That's what WWDC is for. To show of the OS and help developers code for it.
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