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I always found buying just as good as leasing, but in the end, I get to keep the equipment. Remember, when you make the capital cost, you get the GST back, but the same could be said for leasing. I depreciate the allowed amount, but don't see much advantage from a tax standpoint. Same with my car. I used to lease, but found I could get more of a deduction if I bought.
I have started a few businesses over the years and startup is the hard part. Then of course, the next 3 years suck, but then after that, well, you're on your way.
Good accounting pays. Remember you can apportion some square footage of your house as an office. Mortgage interest. Internet access and other utilities. Lot's of GST coming back there as well. Self employment is tough at first, and always a bit risky, but the benefits can be amazing. I have never worked full time for anyone, and I am on my 3rd startup. Mostly because I think it's the startup that I enjoy the most now.
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