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Manyof you know my reservations about current technology LCD screens and that I beleive OLEDs will be the eventual solution but they are a ways off.

This new screen looks like a winner if you MUST have a thin panel NOW ;) And the price is not bad

Hitachi introduces new 17" flat-panel display with fast response times
October 23 - 11:52 EDT   Hitachi today introduced the CML 174, a new 17" LCD monitor that has almost half the response time of any other flat-panel monitor on the market, making it "ideal for gaming, animation, digital signage, multi-media driven applications or for general users viewing video over the World Wide Web." The display offers a 1280x1024 resolution, 400:1 contrast ratio, 160-degree horizontal and vertical viewing angles, and sports a black or ivory appearance. The CML 174 is Mac and PC compatible, and will be available in November for US$699.

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