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Didn't see this thread until today. But I paid $599+tax for this exact tv on Boxing day. It was sort of a door crasher on Boxing day, and I had to visit 3 2001 audio+video stores to find it. But the last time I looked, I saw it for $615+tax. So IMHO, this was a sweet deal for me, but if buying used, it should cost no more than that. I'd walk away, and tell the seller good luck in getting it for that price. It's her loss for paying sticker price, and paying for the chump warrantee. Regular price for this tv now is in $800 range, and with new sets coming in the next couple of months, you could probably get it new for the same price I paid if you're patient and comparison shop for it.

I haven't hooked up any computers to it, but I do have it hooked up to a PS3, and using the surf function, it's acceptable, type is clear, pictures are sharp. I'd recommend this tv, but I'd find it new, or haggle it down to half, cause a used tv is not worth more than that.
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