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hey darkscott,

I think your friend might be asking too much even with the extended warranty, it seems these sets can be found for $800-$900 new and Bay Bloor audio was selling them at $800 with a 2 year warranty during the holidays, according to Digital Home Canada's forums.

So she's asking you to pay full price for the warranty and saving you a little on the set, which is almost one year old.

Is the warranty from Sharp or a big box store? If the latter, perhaps you can a credit from the likes of Best Buy/Future Shop for the extended warranty seeing the set is not one year old.

As for the 720p question, this is screen's native resolution, which is still very capable of displaying HD content, movies and used a monitor.

If you were looking to get into Blueray/HD dvds or wish to take advantage of the latest gaming consoles, you could consider a 1080p set, which offers more resolution. Of course, what you see on the screen will depend entirely on your viewing distance.

Here's a thread that may help

As dona83 states, $1000 can buy a much larger screen these days.
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