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Looking to sell my late 2013 iMac
3.5 GHz Intal Core i7
32 GB 1600 MHz DDR3 RAM
Nividia GeForce GTX 780m 4096 MB
3TB Fusion Drive.

This was my daily user since I got it, I ran Windows 10 through Bootcamp and played a lot of videos and did some music editing on it over the years.

However it has developed a problem last November, Windows 10 no longer worked, and I encountered a HUGE amount of BeachBalling!
After a lot of checking and Disk Utility, I finally put it back to the Original Mavericks and it ran okay, but upgrading to High Sierra, I have a lot of slow restarts, and beach balling!
I think the Fusion drive has a problem. despite what Disk Utility Says. Bootcamp does not work any longer!

I don't have the equipment or knowledge to get into this and replace the drive so I am letting this go, issues and all for SOLD. I just want to get enough to buy some more ram for my new machine!
I will not Ship, this does not come with a box, just the 27" iMac, Power cord, keyboard and mouse.
Pickup only in Mississauga.
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