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Last chance for deep discount on VMWare Fusion

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Just thought I'd let anyone interested know that this weekend is your last chance to pre-order VMWare Fusion 1.0 for $39.99 US... after Sunday night that the price shoots up to $79.99. I just pre-ordered it myself. I've been installing/using each of the betas and it's been very smooth. The Boot Camp support is great and the "Unity" mode works as advertised. In my experience Fusion has been a lot more stable than Parallels.

MacWorld: VMWare Fusion set for Monday release
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Thanks for the heads-up! Mossberg over at the WSJ just put out a favourable review of Fusion.
I got my copy too... I'm just waiting for the new iMacs now as without an intel mac this won't work very well lol ;)
Is Fusion really better than Parallels? I've found Parallels extremely enjoyable to use (as enjoyable as using windows can be ;) ). What does VMWare do different/better?
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