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Laserwriter Trouble-Shooting

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I have a Laserwriter 4/600. After pulling out a jammed page, it prints out smudged pages. Manual says to keep printing blank pages, but it still is smudging. Any advice on fixing this?
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Those 4/600 Laserwriters are great little printers. I've been using them for years without any problems.

Smudging is usually caused by a defective or damaged toner cartridge. Pull out the cartridge and make sure there aren't any pieces of paper lodged in the spring loaded drum cover. If you move the cover you'll see the drum as that shiney greenish cylinder. Do this over some newspapers and wear old clothes since even a small amount of toner can create a real mess.

How old is the cartridge? Is it an original Apple or HP cartridge, or was it a refilled cartridge? If the cartridge is just old or refilled, then you probably need a new cartridge.
Problem Fixed!

I removed the cartridge and found a crumpled piece of paper jammed way in the back. After removing the paper, the printer worked good as new. Thanks, Rob.:)
Another solution, drive up the QEW and pickup my laserwriter select 360 :D
paper jam light on

laserwriter 4/600.
had a paper jam,,all paper removed.
the light remains on after powers up, all the usual noises, but last and not least..the paper jam light.
Remove the toner cartridge and carefully reinstall it. The toner cartridge is a tight fit on these puppies, and they don't always seat properly.

as someone who used to work with copiers and knows the ins and outs of toner i'll second the concern about getting it on your clothes... the problem isn't so much the getting it on, it's that almost any action such as brushing it off or flicking it off will set it wherever it is... working in a lab i found the only 'safe' way to remove toner was by blowing compressed air through the back of the clothing which blew the toner off... and be advised that trying this with your breath won't work either because the warmth of your breath will set it!
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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