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And now, a message from Staples! (or at least someone who works there)

Both printers are good choices. however one must look at the total cost of ownership.

Right now the Samsung costs $169 from Staples and the 1020 costs $99. So right out the door the HP is the clear winner.

Also looking at toner costs, the HP does 2000 prints off of a $72 dollar 12A toner, whereas the Samsung does 3000 prints off of a $99 2010 Toner.

That results in 27c per print on the HP and 30c for the samsung.

So there you go.

Oh and I wouldnt be doing my job correctly if I didnt mention that Staples offers a two year replacement on the HP for $10.99 whereas the Samsung costs $32.99.

Peace out!
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