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I had mentioned this story the day before (Nov 22 2002 Dude.. you got a [OUCH!] DELL) as reported by the Register UK (they broke the story).
No suprise that CNN wouldn't bother to report The Register's conclusions, which tentatively identified the offending laptop as a Dell, from information provided by a reader. The quote:
"... Just thought I'd mention that by doing a google search with "Do not allow your portable computer to operate with the base resting directly on exposed skin. With extended operation, heat can potentially build up in the base. Allowing sustained contact with the skin could cause discomfort or, eventually, a burn" as the search string, I believe, reveals the mystery laptop brand.

It's a Dell Latitude. The search pulls up a support website from, that has, essentially, the exact same warning in the
"User's Guide". ® ..."
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