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Laptop Backpacks

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Hey I'm a student and I just got a new MB.
I was looking for a nice backpack / sleeve combo that'll fit my MB and my school books. Any recommendations? I was looking at Booq but anyone have any suggestions?
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I'm super happy with my Crumpler bags, have a couple of their bags now -- a "beerpack" for my computer gear and a "7 million dollar home" for my camera gear. I've put them through a lot, they carry a lot of weight, and they are still in perfect shape.
I owned the BOA XL backpack and loved it, the semi-rigid construction allows you to fit a few things in there while completely protecting your laptop. There's a XM version that's a little smaller and Booq also have a line called Mamba, made for MacBooks or small form laptops. Currently using a Booq Powersleeve XM for my Macbook but you cannot fit too many items in it. More like a soft protective sleeve than a bag.

Ready and Sold often have good prices on Booq products and have some deals right now.

A few threads discussing sleeves and backpacks...

Hope this helps..
Do you have a backpack that you like? If you do I suggest an Incase neoprene sleeve which you can carry on its own or toss in your backpack. If you like the messenger style backpacks, the Crumpler series seem nice. (Crumpler Canada) What kind of MB did you get? Specs?
I highly vouch for the MEC Daybag, it's a steal for $39 (must have a $10 MEC co-op membership) although the protection is just barely adequate and would combine a sleeve if you think you may be throwing the bag around. I bought mine back in 2004 and used it to pack in books through school, it's not very large inside and probably the 13" MB is the biggest thing anyone would want to try to fit in there but unlike any other backpacks I've ever owned... I still have mine to this very day. It's been crazy durable with just minor cosmetic issues. I mean ferry two binders four textbooks and whatever gear you can fit into there 200 school days a year durable.

The bag I have right now is a BBP, a really nice messenger/backpack hybrid that you can get at Carbon Computing. BBP Bags are super ergonomic hybrid messenger/backpack laptop bags It's a great versatile bag with plenty of storage including two cup holders, water resistant, and super comfortable however you wear it -- backpack style, messenger bag style, shoulder bag style, backpack on one shoulder style, or like a briefcase. The luggage pass-thru port was very handy during my last trip, and I use that compartment to store newspapers and magazines when commuting. And props to Carbon for helping me get my BBP despite the circumstances. :D
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Once again, I cannot help but recommend the INCASE backpack found at your local apple store. The bag is constructed with durable materials. There is a felt sleeve that fits your laptop. The sleeve itself sits about 1 inch off the ground so when you place the bag down your laptop doesnt touch the ground. There is ample room for powersupply, books and other gadgets. It is expensive, but I highly recommend you at least check it out.

I just did a search....the bag looks like this

I cycle to work and this bag holds everything very well.
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