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LaCie d2 external FW HD enclosure capacity?

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I have a LaCie d2 120GB external firewire hard drive (SKU 300511), and the hard drive finally died after 5 years.

I would like to replace the hard drive with a larger-capacity hard drive. Does anyone know the maximum 'size' this FW enclosure can hande; i.e. 160GB, 250GB, etc.?

Do you think it's worth reusing this 5-year-old enclosure? I once opened up the enclosure and found that everything was extremely tightly packed, and it looked quite difficult to replace the hard drive compared to my other external hard drive (OWC Mercury Elite Pro).

Any answers or thoughts? Thanks.
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Don;t know for sure but I suspect a 5 year old case may have problems with larger drives. When 200 Gb and 250 Gb hard drives first came out, there were a lot of cases which couldn't handle the power requirements. And LaCie did have an issue at one point with their external AC adaptors being inadequate and cutting in and out (even with the stock drives installed).
As CanadaRAM has stated, a 5 year old d2 likely won't support over 120GB drives. I strongly recommend "shelving" the d2 and spring for a new enclosure.
I spoke with a tech at LaCie about this a few months back and the newer drives also have better cooling designs than the older D2 cases.

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