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This may be of limited reach and relevance to the ehmac community since Kutoka (I think) only makes games destined to a French market. But I beleive in this group's capacity to come up with answers (!).

Anyway, I hope someone can nevertheless help 'cause my kids love these games -- when they work. And now they don't.

1st of 2: Older games used to work fine under OS9.2. Since running OS X however, it's a diffente story. After having re-installed the games according to the producer's procedure, trying to open the game now gives me a 'Handler not defined. OS#Register' error. Errrr !? Kutoka support has no idea what this is. I don't either. What gives ? Ideas ?

2nd of 2: Most recent addition to the Mia series is a supposedly OSX compatible version. Installs ok. Works ok until 15-20 minutes into the game. Then the mouse starts moving around in steps and jumps like it does on bad Flash-programmed on-line games. Sounds turns off on its own. Games freezes. Again the great Kutoka support team (of one?) has no idea why, even ventures saying it's a memory allocation problem. Under OSX ? With 512 megs available? C'mon...

Is it just a bad case of a bad product under the hood or else ? Ideas ? (

Thanks for help or comments.
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