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I've never liked OpenOffice, because it's always felt like a subpar version of Office. And playing with NeoOffice leaves me with a sour taste in my mouth. One thing I dislike about NeoOffice and OpenOffice for mac is the lack of cooperation with these two groups, instead of building one define OpenOffice build together, they release their own versions of the nearly the same office suite.

I haven't used Office 2004, but if it is anything like Office 2003(Windows), iWorks '08 would be a better bet. On my Vista box, I use Office 2007, and if this is any idication of how Office 2008 will turn out, I would suggest Office 2008 for word processing, the UI in pages doesn't seem to offer the flexibility that Office 2007 does. I don't have much experience with the presentation software. If you can't wait, iWorks '08 it is. One thing I don't like about iWorks '08 is the fact that the ability to save (export) to docx (xlsx) is missing.
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