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I've been a fan of Keynote since the last iteration of iWork ('06), and IMHO it blew away Powerpoint even back then. Of course, presentations are less likely to be collaborative documents, so it's easier to work on a presentation in an island, and I opened many of my older "stock" presentations from my Powerpoint days and took the time to polish them up for Keynote (they worked reasonably well as-is, but I wanted to take advantage of Keynote's abilities to pretty them up).

Thus far, Numbers compatibility with Excel has been just fine for anything that I do, since I don't use a lot of complex macros. All basic formulas seem to work fine. Further, since Microsoft seems to be abandoning VB support in Excel 2008 (when it gets here), there may not be much reason to stay with Excel in the future anyway, since any macros in a Windows-based world likely won't translate very well to the Mac versions.

I've always tended to prefer pages for documents that I'm creating myself, but the '06 version did not offer any kind of decent Word compatibility, and I collaborate on a lot of documents. I'm not sold on whether Pages '08 is going to cut it in this regard, but I suspect that it won't. I've been looking at NeoOffice as a possible alternative, as I'd like to get the last of the Rosetta apps off my MBP, and Office 2008 now seems way too far away to wait for.

The bottom line, however, is that Pages is much better for anything that fits into the desktop publishing category (almost a good InDesign Ultra-Lite for simple projects), and Pages '08 seems to have bridged the gap to becoming a reasonable word processing app (Pages '06 still felt too much like a DTP app and not enough like a WP app, which was great for certain things, but not so good for others).
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