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I'm using it.

If you've ever used PowerPoint X even on a recent mac, you've probably encountered sluggishness - transitions and animations (text, graphics) had the tendency to skip and stutter.

Keynote has fixed mostly everything. Takes about 30 minutes of messing around to understand how it works. Anyway, I tried it out on my 800Mhz iBook with the ram maxed out - transitions, animations and text move without hiccups, except for video. Transparent objects no longer shimmer or stutter as they did in PowerPoint - my old 500 iBook was hideous in PowerPoint X. Quartz engine rules if you've got a decent GPU that supports QE. I do have one problem with Keynote - QuickTime movies perform worse than in PowerPoint. There is a huge loss in framerate - choppy.

If Apple can fix that flaw, Keynote will be golden. Anyone else noticing the same problem?
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