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Keynote - Bells and Whistles

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Is anyone here a keynote pro? I'm doing a few presentations in the next couple weeks and was looking for some tips/tricks or tutorials to make my presentations a little more flashy and professional.

A few other people in my class have macs so I'm looking for effects, themes, tricks that will differentiate my presentation.
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A lot depends on the nature of the presentation. Does it count towards grades? If so - what are you being graded on?

I ask because if the purpose of the presentation is to get a message across and show that you know your content, then bells and whistles can often detract. It's very important to get the balance right between features and content. if the features support and enhance the message, then that's cool. but if they are there merely because they can be there then the presentation can be greatly weakened.

Of course, the objective may be to show off prowess with software and creative work with that software: then bells and whisltes can take on a larger role.

Have a read through some of the stuff on this blog:
one method im' looking to use is to provide a page with links to any one of the slides throughout the presentation - is there a way to do that?

(i.e. click on an image/text to bring you back to a specific slide, then once you're on that slide provide a method to get back to the page with all the links)
Under file --> export... there's an option to export your slideshow to HTML and a checkbox to include navigational buttons.

Is that what you were looking for?
i was hoping for an option within the slideshow.
Yes, you can insert links to other Slides - under the Inspector, second-to-last icon (the one used to insert URL links) there is an option to link to a slide any text item or graphical item.

Also, when using Keynote in Presenter mode, you can jump immediately to any slide by invoking the MENU key on the remote (not sure what the keyboard equivalent is) and then scroll to the slide in question.

And - during a presentation, to take the audience's attention off the screen and back onto you, press the "H" key. You'll fade nicely to the desktop, where you can use another app, like Safari, to show a web page or some other example. Then just click the Keynote icon in the dock to go back to the place you were in the presentation.

This link will give you a list of all Keynote-related tips at

Also check out

A Google Search also reveals several websites with tips, add-ons, etc. for Keynote.

One of my favourites - and the only one I've purchased so far - is the Americas keynote elements, which begins to show the power of a well-designed presentation - it's really wow'ed 'em here in México, particularly if you go easy on the crazy animations and transitions. I'm a big fan of using animation when it serves the purpose of drawing attention to information, but not for the sake of just having animation!
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