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Keyboard shortcut for safari

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Is there a keyboard shortcut to start safari without having to click on the icon with the mouse.
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use Spotlight.. or a launcher.

Command + Spacebar type Safari and select it. :)
Vexel is there any shorter way not to have to type safari in spotlight.
You could try customizing something like HotApp.

There's a few more programs out there that will allow you to customize hot keys.. search Versiontracker and MacUpdate.
Make your own

system prefs>keyboard and Mouse>keyboard short cuts> click the plus sign in the right bottom corner

guess this won't work
I could never get keyboard shortcuts to launch an application.. However, I could be doing it wrong. :)
I spoke too soon:(
I spoke too soon:(
It's okay, we won't hold it against you ;)
I use Quicksilver. F13 is bound to show/hide Safari (if Safari is closed, it opens, if it's hidden, it's shown, if it's shown, it's hidden).

I also use Quicksilver to bind F12 to show/hide mail and F11 to open Adium.

Quicksilver -->Preferences --> Triggers -->Custom Triggers

-Click the "+" to add a trigger and choose "Hot Key"

-Search for the item (way cool), and then save.

-Double-click the "none" under "Trigger" and set a keyboard combo
I entirely concurr with Ottawaman. Quicksilver is the easiest way to go for this (and OH so many other things).
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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