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hi there
I'm looking to replace the keyboard of my PowerBook G4 15" 1.5Hz - french Canadian
**it's a A1095** which I'm told is important as far as compatibility goes

someone is offering to try and swap mine for a keyboard from the same PowerBook
only a A1106 1.67Hz
he thinks there's a chance it might work
which contradicts what someone else told me
both seem knowledgeable

if there's a way to know without having to swap (possibly in vain), I'd prefer
I'm attached to this thing and really wish to minimize the risks

if we do try it though...
worse case it won't work but won't damage anything right?

and what about just changing the 12 keys that don't work anymore?
is it possible on that model?
(a little water spill 2 years ago - I've been using an external keyboard since)

I'd of course prefer to find the exact same model keyboard
but it's hard... no French Canadian ones on EBay...

thanks for any advice



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