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Karaoke software?

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Don't laugh please - but does anyone here know of any karaoke software available for MacOSX that will play MP3+G songs?

All solutions available seem to be for Windows.

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Aw, can't I laugh just a little?

Have you tried poking around on Versiontracker?
the guy that host the karaoke at the pub up the street from me uses something called "k-tunes". basically, if you're used itunes (which i'm sure you have!), it works exactly the same. pretty cool, actually.
Doug & MixedUp, thanks. And Doug, OK, go ahead and laugh while I look at Versiontracker :)


*Edited to add* - MixedUp, can you give me the name and address of this place where the host uses k-Tunes? I would like to check it out one night :)

Download pages not working

I'm interested to know about Ktunes as well...tried the free download pages for both the lite and pro versions and both returned "page not found" error.

Apparently I got the downloads from VersionTracker. Thanks guys.
A simple google search of k-tunes got me this...


edit: is this the right software?
i'm pretty sure it's "k-tunes" and not "k-jams" but they both look the same/are the same idea it seems.

next karaoke at the pub up the street from me is sept 8th. if you want details/directions, pm me and i'll fill you in!
I believe KTunes and KJams are made by the same author. It's probably started out as KTunes but later changed to KJams. It is a great software for working with CDG, MP3G, karaoke, etc.
However and Dona83, thanks :) I downloaded K-Jams - the try-out version.

BTW, looks like k-Tunes is dead and k-Jams has replaced it.

Thanks l4e. On k-Jam's website I read the comparison between iStar and k-Jam. k-Jam seems to have the features that I need and iStar does not seem to offer those features.

Calling MixedUp

Hi MixedUp,

I PMed you a while ago and again a couple of days ago about the location of the karaoke place up your street on Sep 8. It would help me a great deal if you could either PM me back or reply here in the forum as to the location and time please? Today is Sep 8 and I would really like to go and take a look for myself.

Thanks and cheers
Are there any Karaoke software users out there these days?

If so, what are you running and how has it been working for you?

K-Jams looks interesting, but it hasn't been updated in a while.

I would like to be able to rip my wife's existing CD+Gs, and I have read that few Mac drives are compatible with CD+G. One solution might be to get a compatible drive (Compatible Drives - KJams Wiki) and a USB enclosure - has anyone had any experience with this?
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