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Thank-you to all who put up with my BS the last little while...I have zero excuses for my poor state of mind..and I took it out on a few people I dealt with on the list here

The memory thing should have been done privately... end of story. It was an honest mistake and no bad intentions were made from Peter...nor did I mean any bad intentions in my posting...but never the less it came across that way. It ended up making Peter look bad as well as myself...and I did deserve the heck I got from what I said.

To follow up on the comments end of things I just wanted to say sorry to Pam. I did not like the follow up comments you made as I felt that they were just adding fuel to the fire and were not warrented...and of course I love to respond to comments like those. I do apologise for the ones I made and sorry if they made you mad or upset.

As for the ibook thingy...I sold Gordon Eastman my ibook..and when Maczillas ibook came up I wanted to snag it because it was a VERY VERY good deal..and I felt Gordon could have benefited from Maczillas one better than mine because of the what I was going to do was if I got it...I was going to send maczilla the money and then get him to send the ibook to Gordon as well as refunded Gordon the difference. Gordon has already bought an ibook 900 from me through London I was just trying to make a better deal again for him. He also paid me alittle extra to say thanks for finding him the deal on the 900 so I was going to again return that favor...the downside is that I was being selffish and I know there are many others on the list that want good deals and should not have bothered with this one. The reason I responded to Maczilla the way I did was because I thought that he had a change of mind (I would have been tempted to up the price or not sell it after that many responses) so I stupidly accused him of that or just not selling it to anyone...and I got burned for it...and yes someone made the comment of ASSUME...which is so true I did do just that.

So that was my week...and the memory not working just flustered me because I had a project I kinda promised would be ready...but hey them are the breaks and life is like that...I just have to go with the to Peter, Pamela, and Maczilla...feel free to kick me in the Ars for being one...and to everyone else (all the great members) including the Mayor of this great site...I am truley sorry for my way of dealing with the stuff mentioned above...thank you for not giving me the boot...I have nothing but excellent things to say about this site and the people that use it...Mark

Don't reply to this....just have a read...and I don't expect this to change anybody's minds....I just wanted to explain...

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