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Well this was interesting. I have subscribed to this DV list for at least 4 years and this guy has always talked about his software and systems, always PC so this was a pleasant surprise.


While looking for a new DV editing system (to replace our two aging RexRTs),
an editor who used to work for us dropped by one day to show off his new G4
laptop with FCP4.0 (and all the other Apple goodies).

Darnation, I may have a rabid hatred for all things Mac, but I was
impressed. Panther OS not hanging, inspite of running over ten apps at once
(FCP 4.0, listening to iTunes, burning a VCD, etc). Beautiful 17' landscape
screen. Plus the fact that you are using a laptop means no videocards or RT
cards to fall out/get loose (something that happens to us all time since we
fly our RexRTs all over the place). And no motherboards to match to your RT
card (this is a beef I have had with our Canopus RexRT ever since).

I found FCP to be a GOOD editor, but not the super editor that some make it
out to be. The clincher, however, were the goodies that Apple bundled with
it (Livetype and Soundtrack). Together with FCP, this makes the combo
unbeatable (in my PC-biased opinion) and I'm completely willing to overlook
any weaknesses (perceived or not) I found with FCP.

Coincidentally, my graphics artist was working on an animated AFX background
when our editor demo'd Livetype. Our editor showed us how to make
practically the same animated background effect in less then ten minutes
(our artist had been working on it all morning and was all set to get his
render going). That did it - I realized right there and then that the
timesavings from doing stuff like this will pay for the new machines.

Whats the verdict? Sorry PC fans (myself included) - I am in the middle of
purchasing three of these babies.

I thought I will never see the day.

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Excellent. Once people overlook their PC bias and see what can be done (efficiently) on a Mac, the world will be a better place
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