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Just got Applecare... just in time? WEIRDNESS!

Okay. MacBook Pro 2GHz Core Duo. My MAIN BOX that goes EVERYWHERE with me.

Problem ONE: This has occurred at least TWICE -- right out of NOWHERE with a few apps going -- the screen unceremoniously GOES BLACK, the backlit keyboard lights up at FULL BURN and the system restarts. No kernel panic warning. NOTHING. This has happened at least twice in the almost ten months I've had this MacBook Pro.

Problem TWO: I have recently started getting a horizontal line of distortion on my display that seems to be "drawn" onto the screen so that, if I scroll in a window that has it, the distortion goes up (or down) with the portion scrolling where it originally occurred. if I close the window that portion of the distortion on that window will go away. In order to make the rest of the distortion go away -- say, a portion that is over part of my desktop background, I have to open or move a window over that part and the Open GL scene gets redrawn there (I guess). Attached it a screenshot. It may only appear in the Finder window because of my dark desktop pic, which I have since changed to white for better detection of this problem.

This second issue might just be software driven... but I'm wondering about my temperature causing Problem 1. I use the iStat Pro widget, and I have NEVER (that I have seen on it) hit anywhere NEAR the Intel Core Duo's automatic shut-off temperature. I average around the min seventies in Celsius, and the Core Duo doesn't start "sweating" until 110ºC, with an automatic shutoff at 125ºC (I checked Intel's white papers on this some months ago).

Any ideas?? :confused:


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