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Just couldn't pass it up - refurb 47% off time capsule

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Right now in the refurb store, omg :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: 279$ for 1TB.

Never thought I'd buy a Time Capsule, but that was just too good to pass up.

Was gonna pass it up but The G3 Man left his G3 aside for a minute to pressure me over iChat into not only buying the TC, but getting an iPod too. So I'm basically getting a 1TB TC + free ipod Nano.. Yeah.. I keep telling myself I got something free..

Anyways it's a really good deal for anyone who was looking for a Time Capsule, now's the time.

(And yeah, I waited till I confirmed my order before I announced it here beejacon )

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and i KEEP TELLING YOU YOU DID :D beejaconbeejaconbeejacon

I did I did I did I did I did I did... I can't believe I did... at least it's better than those overpriced PPC used macs I was looking at a couple of months ago.

Couldn't have come at a better price, day after I noticed my WIFI router was going to ****s.

LOL. i remember. 400 bucks for a G3. Mebbe just one day you will get your wish of a 50 dollar MBA!



PS: Money much better spent. PPC getting old and wimpy now.
PS: Money much better spent. PPC getting old and wimpy now.
For sure gave up on getting a PPC mac for a while now, just can't justify it.

Now if I could get Apple to justify replacing my Macbook with a new one ;) ;) :cool:
Not to rain on your parade, but 1TB Time Capsules (Dual band) cost $329 new. That 47% you saw was the original retail price, $549. $279 for a non-dual band 1TB doesn't strike me as that good of a deal.
not sure if you heard, the first Gen time capsules are falling apart like a ticking time bomb...
so there will be tons on the refurb list.

google time capsule dying have fun reading up on them.
there was a site dedicated to it but guess what - someone shut them down ;)
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another reason not to buy refurbs.
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Doesn't matter if first-gen TC's are garbage. One-year warranty. If it fails, replace. Done.
You guys are right, the 47% is off the original price.. I saw 549$ somewhere, but checking again it's the new 2TB one that's 549.

Gonna check data about the power supply failures (lol @ graveyard picture). See there I thought I was being overly excited posting this, but I'm getting useful responses lol. So don't worry it's not raining on anyone's parade, it's what forums are made for!

thanks :D

Doesn't matter if first-gen TC's are garbage. One-year warranty. If it fails, replace. Done.
Problem is that most of the ones that fail make it just past the 1 year warranty period (avg is 16 months).
So as you say Lars, if it fails, replace it, at your expense. Done.
What? This is not dual band? I thought it was!
Nope. If you want dual-band, you'll have to order the one with "dual-band" in the product description.

It's dual band, but not simultaneously. The latest ones do both G/N at the same time; older models dial down to G if there is a G client as well as N.

As for all those dying Time Capsules, usually you can read about such problems on ehMac: try to find one and you can't. Google *any* product and you'll get all the horror stories from those that have failed, just not the literally millions that are fine. In this case, it's rare. And as above, enjoy the warranty.

As for refurbs being poor quality, hundreds of ehMac stories say otherwise. There are exceptions, just none that I can recall for Time Capsules.

That said, I don't use used hard drives for important backups. I bought a new Time Capsule.
I've had two Time Capsules before going back to a wired solution only because I needed a bit more versatility. Had no issues with either. They do run pretty hot though so not sure if over time that would cause issues but so do the pre-unibody Macbook Pro's and they've been fine for the most part. The 1-year warranty on the TC, like on all Mac products, suck. Especially considering the drive they use inside had and OEM warranty of probably 5 years that can't be passed on.
Yeah I don't know if that website about dead TC is that accurate of the overall status of them.. How about people who have had TC's for over 18 months and are running fine?

If we listened to every thread about defective hardware, none of us would ever get any Macs ;) ;)

I think I'll take my chances. I need a new WIFI router, plus it sounds like it'll be convenient to do over the air Time Machine backups. We'll see.

I've had one since they came out. Still running ok so far.

Maybe I've been lucky?
I am using time capsule router as well, but mostly as a router than a data product. Time capsule is used as a secondary backup than our primary.
Nope. If you want dual-band, you'll have to order the one with "dual-band" in the product description.

Epic post.

Epic post.
I sell left handed mice with each Apple we sell - but you have to requested it. :D
OP, you can probably call in and change your order to the simultaneous dual band version if that's available on refurb.
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