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At the Tim Horton's outside of the Esso at Kingsway @ Willingdon... I could not help but be amused by the layout of the sign...

beejacon "What benefits should we post today?"
:greedy: "I don't think good wages is a good one, we were a bit short cashed last week so we gotta keep it minimum."
beejacon "But it attracted Joanne last week and she's pretty good so far."
:greedy: "Yea well we can just offer good health benefits."
beejacon "Why? Benefits cost us a fortune."
:greedy: "Just don't hire old sick people and the costs will be low."
beejacon "Ahhh gotcha... and at least pay for their training."
:greedy: "Ummmm..."
beejacon "It helps, we retain more employees that way because they feel guilty if they leave"
:greedy: "Oh, that sounds good, but we need one more benefit to make it attractive."
beejacon "Paid vacation?"
:greedy: "No."
beejacon "Opportunities to advance?"
:greedy: "No."
beejacon "Ooo, ooo, good wages?"
:greedy: "We discussed that already remember?"
beejacon "Oh yea..."
:greedy: "I'll just throw in flexible hours."
beejacon "Oh good one, so they feel special and important even if we pay them crap."
:greedy: "Great, pat ourselves on the back now let's post this sign up front."
beejacon "In record time too! I gotta rush to the dealer to pick up my SLK."
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