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I don't use widgets however I might play around with them from time to time. Normally they're all unchecked in the Manage WIdgets control pane.

Yesterday after getting my new Apple Keyboard up and running, and trying out the function-key (F4) widget activation that's a feature of the keyboard, I noticed that I can't uncheck the iTunes widget in the Manage Widgets pane. Any ideas?

It's been ages since I've opened the Manage Widgets pane, so the iTunes widget might have been like this for a while without my noticing.

I've tried trashing various widget preference files but to no avail. Any ideas, oh community of gurus?

EDIT/UPDATE: Although the iTunes Widget is checked (and can't be unchecked) the widget itself won't launch, whether iTunes is open or not. Clicking on the iTunes Widget in the aluminum-look row at the bottom of the screen does nothing at all, the widget won't activate on the desktop. When I click on the icon, the system alert sound plays and dat's dat.
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