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iTunes Store Purchases

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I felt like creating a quick post on my recent experience with the iTunes Music Store. I've purchased singles from the iTMS before, but never complete albums. Puchased a 13-song album tonight for $9.99, and now it has me hooked. What could be easier? Downloaded all 13 songs in under 3 minutes. High quality, sounds great, and I get to listen to my new purchases instantly. I get the feeling it's going to become an expensive habit...

For the curious, the album was "Unearthed" by E.S. Posthumus, found here:

Beautifully-crafted music, dated to 2000. :)
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I'm looking forward to the DRM-free, higher bitrate options.
guytoronto said:
I'm looking forward to the DRM-free, higher bitrate options.
Ditto. In fact, though I have purchased iTS music in the past (and I know how you feel, Lars; it's just so damn easy), I am hesitant now to buy any more until I can get the new "improved" tracks--especially because of the higher bitrate.
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