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If you absolutely need OS9 then have it on a separate drive/partition like I do. (hubby needs it).
I can't imagine anyone wanting to stick with that old thing.
Businesses, especially pre-press and printing still use and need OS 9 cause they make their money with their machines and the majority of these users use Quark and as we all know Quark is not, if ever will be, OS X native.

Also, faster and more powerful computers are needed to perform tasks as quickly in OS X as in OS 9 ( I appreciate the true multi-tasking abilities of OS X - where one could be doing a complicated operation in Photoshop and not have to wait while say going off to check your email or print a file or such), but OS X will come eventually.

Unfortunately Apple made an error in judgement by forcing OS X upon their most loyal customer base by discontinuing dual boot Macs.

OS 9 is here to stay for a while yet.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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