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I don't want to say OS 9 is dead, because I still use it, need it, almost every day, but being realistic there is no upside for Apple to develop software for a shrinking market of OS 9 users.

Technical necessities and cost of making software backward compatible aside, Jobs wants people to migrate to OS X versions and newer Macs, and one way of doing that is providing features for OS X that won't be available on OS 9.

Is that forcing people to upgrade? Perhaps, but that's what software developers and hardware companies do to get people to repeatedly buy their product, they improve it. And there's nothing thinly disguised about that.

As for the iTunes store being available to all PC users, I think that will be a given. But Apple isn't going to give it all at once even if it was technically possible. Mac users get first crack, a little bonus because they are Mac users and customers should be rewarded before non-customers. And if PC users don't want to wait for their code to get written, they can buy a Mac. Otherwise, they'll just have to wait.

And don't kid yourself about GM. It's a car company, not a fuel additive company. The magic elixir would only work in GM cars until other automakers paid for the technology. Then GM would earn money on selling the additive and royalties on each non-GM car using GM technology.
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