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iTunes Music Store

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I'm rather shocked to learn that having Jaguar is a requirement to using Apple's new iTunes Music Store. Isn't that a little short-sighted, given that it prevents about 85% of Mac users from benefitting from this new service?

This reminds me of the Cinema Displays that could only be used with the most recent G4s with an ADC connection.

Am I being too cynical in believing that moves such as these are thinly-disguised attempts to force people who are otherwise happy with their OS 9, etc. to upgrade to the newest OS?

Wouldn't it be more profitable (both on monetary and goodwill levels) for Apple to make this service available to all Mac users? (For that matter, imagine if they made it available to everyone who owned a PC! They did, afterall, make a PC version of the iPod.)

Here's an analogy: GM comes up with a new additive that gives your car 100 miles per gallon. Except it only works in GM models that are 2001 or newer. Sure, lots of people will rush out to buy a newer GM car. But imagine how much dough they could rake in if the additive worked not only on older GMs, but all cars period!

By the way, I do have Jaguar, but I just felt compelled to make a point. Rant completed.
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Actually, I suspect it's probably some kind of network-based protocol (like SAMBA) that might be required for proper functionality. I suspect it's really just code that was lacking from 10.1.x and earlier that ends up needing 10.2 for the Music Store.

iTunes 4 requires 10.1.5 itself.
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