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I recently installed in an effort to solve another problem and now have more problems to fix.

Reluctantly making the transition to Yosemite (10.10.5) and after updating iTunes I found it to be a bit slow & not opening or accepting new video (TV Shows) quickly. Then I twice had iTunes decide the existing library "was not a recognized iTunes file" and labeled it "Damaged" and created a new library with only a very small portion of my media showing. I spent several hours reinstalling all my shows. Then a few days later the same thing happened. The new library restocked with my files is not opened and another new libaray created.

All my media files are on an external HD (just under 2TB - movies & TV Shows). I can reboot back into Snow Leopard & iTunes there runs just fine.

In researching the problem I've come across several references to files missing in iTunes with some people recommending reverting back to 12.3.0 or even 12.1.

I suggest that anyone who is considering updating iTunes hold off for a while until Apple solves this mess.
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