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MacNN reader Gary Allen continues to provide details on the Apple Store Bay Street, which is scheduled to hold its grand opening this Saturday (November 23rd):

"The Bay Street Apple Store had what employees called a 'soft opening' on Wednesday the 20th, the official opening day of the Bay Street complex of shops. Many stores weren't open, but the Apple Store had been ready for a week. The 'narrow' variety store employees were friendly and the store looks great--a worker was moving from podium to podium with polish and a cloth, touching up the many plexiglass brochure and card holders. Apparently 180,000 e-mails were recently sent to Bay Area Macintosh enthusiasts to advertise this Saturday's opening, and there's word of an all-night, first-in-line vigil. Check photos of the distinctive and impressive glass and metal front of the store."

Too bad that's Bay Street in San Francisco.
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