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Is this RAM compatible w/my G4 iMac?

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Before I buy this module, I wanted to check here whether it will be compatible with my G4 1.25GHz iMac (flat panel).

1GB PC2700 SO-DIMM DDR Kingston KVR333SO/1GR
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yes it is, big bertha.
iMac (USB 2.0) - Technical Specifications
PC2700 (333MHz) DDR SDRAM; supports up to 1GB
Since that RAM is "SO-DIMM DDR" I wouldn't think it would work. :confused:
iMac (USB 2.0) - Technical Specifications

Since that RAM is "SO-DIMM DDR" I wouldn't think it would work. :confused:

The G4 iMacs have 2 slots - a user accessible SO-DIMM slot, and a non-user accessible SDRAM slot.

The RAM stick above should work fine.
Physically and electrically it will fit, whether it works is subject to whether the KVR (ValueRAM) build is compatible with the particular model iMac or not.

This RAM would NOT work in a 1.0 - 1.33 GHz AlBook for example, the chipset is not compatible with these Powerbooks.

Can't say whether this particular Kingston chip would give any trouble in the iMac.

Bigbertha: Is there some reason you are buying this generic RAM over a module that is guaranteed compatible with the iMac? (if it is used, or a very steep discount in price, it may be worth it to try. Will you have the right of return for refund if it is probematic?)
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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