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As the subject says:
Is my ISP Blacklisting emails from your server?

All my recent emails from you are getting a subject tag added, i.e.:
[Shaw Suspected Junk Email]Reply to thread 'subject name…
They show the same using webmail or
It is a POP account.

I have contacted my ISP tech support, and sent samples as well to their SPAM and abuse addresses and have had no reply nor any real help fixing the problem.

This just started happening about a week ago.

Their old on-line support forum suggestions to flag such emails as "not SPAM" using their webmail do not even exist.

Your email sender address is showing as: [email protected]
My email address is patm-r(and just the [email protected])

My thought here is it would be easier for you to check in case your email server address may be blacklisted by their servers.

Thanks for any help of info I could relay to my ISP support techs!!!

- Patrick
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