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Is it true that Core duo Macbooks won't run Leopard as

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well as Core 2 Duos? I am currently shopping for a macbook and was quite content with buying a used entry level macbook 1.83 ghz since I will mainly be using it for internet use, but I want to be able to run Leopard well.

How much should I be paying for a 1st gen macbook core duo 1.83ghz/512/60 GB?

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Any lower spec machine won't run an OS as good as a higher end machine. Isn't that obvious, or am I missing the point of your question? C2D outperforms CD, while Xeon outperforms C2D, etc.

Leopard will run just fine on Core Duo MacBook with a couple of gigs of RAM in there.
What I meant was the Core 2 Duo can run 32 and 64-bit programs,

while the Core Duo can only run 32-bit. And Leopard will be 64 bit right?
I'm just wondering if it will make a big difference?
Leopard will be BOTH 32 and 64 bit binary. I believe that the installer DVD will install the appropriate resolution operating system for the CPU it is being installed for.

Given your or most anybody's needs, I don't think there's anything at all to worry about. The only speed impediment I see occurring running 32 bit Leopard on a 32 bit Core Duo -- or even a G5 for that matter -- will be YOUR knowledge that you didn't buy a Core 2 Duo ;) In the vast majority of usage scenarios, 64 bit will matter to a small segment of the userbase such as media production. As Lars pointed out, of course a 64 bit system will run faster, but you won't notice it doing internet-based, office-based or consumer-based multimedia functions.

The important thing with ANY modern OS is ensuring you have a MINIMUM of 1GB of RAM, and that used system you're looking at would choke up on Tiger let alone Leopard with only 512MB of RAM once you were running even just a few apps. The performance difference between 512MB and 1GB of RAM on my 1st gen G4 Mini was significant.
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