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I believe the answer is yes. Now if I could only figure out how...

I think I am very close to getting my Mac (10.3) to play flac files coming across a DAAP share.

I am able to play flac files if and only if the file has been registered with the operating system in a particular manner. Since I am trying to accomplish this playing across a share, the registering of each individual file is not a good solution (especially considering the large number of individual files in question).

A better solution would be globally register all files carrying the .flac file extension as kMDItemFSTypeCode = 1332176723.

Is it possible to make such a global registration and if so how?

(I am currently able to play flacs in QuickTime regardless of the above and I am able to play flacs in iTunes once the above registration has been made for an individual local file.)

Lastly I have tried using RCDefaultApp. I have changed several settings to test this application out, and none of them seem to create any changes to the output of mdls /[PathToFile]/[FileOfYour.Choice].

In the end I'd like to find a simple command to accomplish this, but at this point I'm open to suggestions.

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