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All the Futureshops I have gone into don't even have their Macs doing something. Often times, they are even turned off. I usually get the Mac playing iTunes, if there are any music files on the computer. Or, I might turn on Ottomatic or chess, or something. If there's a DVD in the drive, I'll get it playing in the corner and have iCal and Works up on the screen all at once. All the PCs are usually doing something, however. Maybe some of the Futureshop employees can't even turn on a Mac?

At least at all of the London Drugs stores I've been into the Macs are up and running.

A good salesperson should know the positives and negatives of purchasing a certain product rather than simply telling someone they don't want one. Or, that was my understanding when I was in sales.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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