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iPod "Sleep Timer"

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I have a 60 GB iPod Photo and I'm embarrassed to say that I've never really explored all it's capabilities. I recently became aware that it has a sleep timer - who knew :D

So while playing with this exciting new functionality, I found that I could add "Sleep" to the main menu.

I thought that "Sleep" would activate the sleep timer. No so.

When I click on "Sleep" nothing happens. The sleep timer doesn't activate, the iPod doesn't go to sleep - nothing.

Does anyone know what this menu item is supposed to do? Does it put your iPod to sleep? Maybe mine is just a dud.

I looked at the on-line manual for my iPod and also queried the Apple site, but couldn't find anything.

Thanks Margaret
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It's suppose to put your iPod to sleep, but it doesn't always do it - I think it has to do with if the hard drive is spinning or not. The Sleep Timer function is activated from the Clock menu (under Extras).
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