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Hey Guys

I'm in a big pickle....I have my 5th generation ipod which has been working great up till the point where I had to upgrade my itunes reciently. My ipod has never been updated because when I did update it the videos would crash after 3 or 4 minutes being on. I had to restore back to the original when that happened and everything was fine

Now when I connect the ipod to my mac, it doesn't work. It doesn't detect on my desktop and only detects on my itunes but it comes with the message that my ipod maybe corrupted and it needs to be restored and what not

The problem for me is that I have no backup system for my ipod and I want to get all my music off before I can restore it

The other thing too is I have senuti however, since my ipod isn't detected senuti doesnt detect it either

Does anyone have any suggestions?


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