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iPod batteries (3G) - where to buy?

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So I've started thinking it might be nice to be able to go a day without charging my 3-G iPod which I will not be giving up just yet. :) The battery life is terrible!

There are $40-something kits to replace it yourself at Future Shop but I just need the battery and that seems like too much to pay. All I need is a battery, not a cd-rom to guide me through the procedure and a tool that will work the same as a guitar-pick...

Anyone had any luck in buying a suitable battery? I live in Montreal, would prefer picking something up instore but could order online too.
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You should speak with CanadaRAM, he's a very frequent and helpful member on this site.

CanadaRAM Batteries
Try OWC (OWC: Apple Mac G4 upgrades, Laptop Batteries, Memory, Drives) they have tuns of Mac and iPod stuff
I got mine on

Really cheap and came with the tools.
I got mine at my local Futureshop with the tools & video.
Doh! Sorry, I see you didn't want the Futureshop option!
Thanks for the suggestions everyone! I hadn't thought to try CanadaRAM. OWC is a great store too - good to know someone out there still sells 3G iPod accessories (iSkins are still available, who knew?)
I got mine at CanadaRAM. Good service, fast shipping, reasonable price, no customs or brokerage crap.
Got mine off of eBay, Extremely cheap (roughly 20.00 total and it came with tools) and the battery had a higher capacity than the original :)
iPod Battery kits

The Source by Circuit City. They have several to choose from depending on which iPod you have. Around 40 bucks. Comes with toolkit etc.
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